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Aside from 'solo' explorations as ylayali, here are some people I've worked with & things I've worked on -

22° Halo - Garden Bed

Recorded + mixed half, drums

2nd Grade - Hit to Hit

Co-engineered a handful of songs

Free Cake for Every Creature - The Bluest Star

Co-recorded, drums

22° Halo - s/t 2

Co-recorded, mixed, drums

Hour - Anemone Red

Recorded, mixed

22° Halo - s/t 1

Recorded, mixed, drums

Utah - Reaper's Gain

Recorded, mixed


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22° Halo - Garden Bed

Design and layout

Jason Calhoun - Notebook

Album art, 1-color riso-printed jcard with 16pg 'notebook', and matching stationary

Ylayali - Magic Eye

3-color riso-printed 8-panel jcard and 2-color insert

Ylayali - Shadow on the Grass

Cassette and 24pg booklet with embossed cover, linocut printed interior cover, and stamped 'band name'

Ylayali - Caterpillar Graveyard

3-color risoprinted 4-panel jcard

microsoft saint - bubblegum bubblegum

Cassette and bubblegum-shaped booklet


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